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Agiba City

Agiba City Resort

In the charming city of Matrouh, Agiba City 1 was launched with a business volume that exceeded 150 million Egyptian Pounds. Agiba City 1 is a resort that consists of 6 main buildings that include chalets and hospitality units which operate at high standards of hospitality operations. Agiba City 1 also includes a set of entertainment services for the delight and enjoyment of our guests.

Our Services


To ensure you have a joyful and happy vacation.


To ensure your space and facilitate your movement.


To ensure you have a private and comfortable time by the beach.

Real Estate
done with passion

As a result of our analysis on consumer demand, Agiba City 1 was launched based on luxury and hospitality operations that aims to provide you with the vacation and entertainment that you deserve. All planned and mastered with passion.

Agiba Experience

Privacy and peace of mind is what will come to your mind. Your satisfaction and fulfillment will be complete once you experience our high-quality facilities and services provided by Agiba City 2 that aim to provide with a safe, private and entertaining stay.

A perfect stay!

Deluxe services and amenities are not what makes your vacation perfect. Enjoy our wide variety of Entertainment areas, restaurants and shops to provide you with the perfect stay.


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Give us a call or drop by anytime, we are here to answer all questions within 24 hours on business days.

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